High Style: Cannabis and Fashion’s Leafy Journey

High Style: Cannabis and Fashion’s Leafy Journey

“Cannabis and Fashion: A Stylish Journey”


Welcome to the TreesRUs2 Clothing blog, where style meets sustainability! Today, we’re exploring the fascinating connection between cannabis culture and fashion. From ancient hemp to modern luxury, let’s dive into this leafy journey.

1. Hemp Roots: A Fabric with History

Hemp, the OG textile, has been woven into human existence for centuries. Sailors relied on hemp canvas, and our ancestors wore hemp garments. Its durability and versatility made it a staple. Little did they know that this humble plant would later inspire a fashion revolution.

2. The 60s and 70s: Peace, Love, and Cannabis Prints

The counterculture movement of the 60s and 70s embraced cannabis motifs. Tie-dye shirts, bell-bottoms, and flowing dresses proudly displayed leaves and peace signs. Bohemian fashion became a canvas for political statements—advocating not just for style but also for decriminalization.

3. Streetwear Takes the Torch

Fast-forward to the 90s. Streetwear brands like TreesRUs2 embraced cannabis aesthetics. Logos adorned with leaves became iconic. Hemp clothing emerged, promoting eco-consciousness alongside advocacy. Suddenly, cannabis wasn’t just a plant; it was a fashion statement.

4. Luxury Meets Green: Today’s Runways

High-end designers now celebrate cannabis. Runways feature leafy motifs, and hemp fabrics grace couture collections. Sustainability is chic, and authenticity reigns. But it’s not just about the runway—it’s about everyday style.

Celebrities Who Blaze the Trail

  • Rihanna: Her brand, Fenty Beauty, celebrates inclusivity. Her bold style influences trends across industries.
  • Berner: The man behind Cookies merges streetwear with cannabis culture. The Cookies logo (resembling a cannabis leaf) is instantly recognizable.
  • Snoop Dogg: His laid-back style often features cannabis-themed apparel. Collaborations like Leafs by Snoop showcase his love for both music and marijuana.

Conclusion: Wear Your Story

As you rock your TreesRUs2 gear, remember that you’re part of a legacy—one where fashion meets the leafy green. Whether it’s a hemp tee or a cannabis-inspired accessory, wear it proudly. Fashion isn’t just about what you put on; it’s about the story you tell.

Stay stylish, stay authentic, and keep blazing trails! 🌿👕


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